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Ratchet Lopper

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Our Ratchet Lopper is a must-have for any gardener! Grown with high-quality materials, it's designed to cut through thick branches with ease. Perfect for growing zones 3-9.

As you walk up the ratchet gear it forces the blade through gradually, making a smooth cut that is healthy for your trees and shrubs, and easy on you. Made of a high-grade carbon steel. This metal takes an extreme amount of torque while still maintaining its lightweight. Always remember to "Ratchet on Red".


  • 18.9" long and and only weighs 2 LBS!!
  • Cuts almost 2 inches
  • Pound for Pound the most powerful lopper on the market
  • High Carbon Steel blade (replaceable)
  • Powder Coated aluminum Jaw
  • Tack coated steel body and handles
  • Comfort grips
  • 6 stage ratchet
  • Some call it small but mighty we just call her Cyndi

Usage Instructions

  • Place wood as far into the jaw as possible
  • Squeeze handles together till you feel them stop
  • Once they stop slightly open the handle with the red grip until the ratchet pin advances to the next slot
  • Repeat this process until done

Note : We offer Free Shipping on all tools

Please note that the plant will be shipped in its pot, securely fastened with multiple layers of clear tape to prevent any shifting or damage during transit. This ensures that the plant arrives to you with minimal damage, safely and securely. We have been employing this method for shipping plants for several years, occasionally using smaller pots for added safety and convenience during transit. It's important to understand that many plants enter a dormant state during the fall and winter months, resulting in the loss of most leaves and appearing dry or lifeless. This is a natural process, and come springtime, they will begin to regrow and thrive once again. Please be aware that due to regulations set by the Department of Agriculture, there are certain plants and sizes that we are unable to ship to California. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Ratchet Lopper
Ratchet Lopper

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