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Ghost Pepper Plant , Hottest Chili Pepper

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Ghost Pepper Plant , Hottest Chili Pepper


Our Ghost Hottest Chili Pepper Plant is grown organically and reaches up to 4 feet tall. It thrives in zones 9-11 and produces fiery, flavorful peppers.

Ghost Pepper Plant , Hottest Chili Pepper

The ghost pepper plant (Bhut jolokia), also known as ghost chili or ghost chilli, is a variety of chili pepper that is native to Northeast India. It is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world, with a Scoville heat unit (SHU) rating of 855,000 to 1,041,427 SHU. This means that it is up to 400 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper!

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Ghost Pepper Plant

Ghost pepper plants are relatively easy to grow and can be grown in pots or in the ground. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Ghost pepper plants typically grow to a height of 3-4 feet and produce peppers that are about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. The peppers are bright red when ripe and have a wrinkled texture.

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Ghost Pepper Plant Peppers

Ghost peppers are incredibly spicy and should be handled with caution. It is important to wear gloves when working with ghost peppers, as the capsaicin oil can irritate the skin and eyes. Ghost peppers can be used in cooking to add heat to dishes, but they should be used sparingly. Ghost peppers can also be dried and ground into powder, which can be used in spices and rubs.

Here are some tips for growing ghost pepper plants:

  • Plant in full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Water regularly, especially during the first year after planting.
  • Fertilize every few weeks with a balanced fertilizer.
  • Mulch around the plant to help retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Harvest the peppers when they are bright red and ripe.

Safety tips when handling ghost peppers:

  • Wear gloves when working with ghost peppers.
  • Avoid touching your face or eyes after handling ghost peppers.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling ghost peppers.
  • If you accidentally come into contact with the capsaicin oil, wash the affected area with cold water and soap.

Ghost pepper plants are a great way to add heat and flavor to your food. However, it is important to use them with caution and to be aware of the safety risks.

Additional information

Ghost peppers are so hot because they contain a high amount of capsaicin, a chemical compound that binds to pain receptors in the skin and mouth. This causes a burning sensation that can be intense.

Ghost peppers can be used in cooking to add heat to dishes, but they should be used sparingly. A small amount of ghost pepper powder can go a long way! Ghost peppers can also be used to make hot sauces and other condiments.

If you are new to using ghost peppers, it is important to start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount of pepper you use to taste. It is also important to be aware of the possibility of an allergic reaction to ghost peppers. If you experience any adverse symptoms after eating ghost peppers, seek medical attention immediately.

Note: The plant is shipped in its pot, firmly secured with several layers of clear tape, thereby avoiding any shuffling and moving during transit. The plant reaches you with minimal damage- very safe and secure. We have been shipping plants like this for several years (plant are sometimes shipped in smaller pots for safety and ease of shipping). Most plants go dormant in fall and winter and will lose most of their leaves - looking dead and dry - very normal. They will flush out in spring.

We cannot send ship some plants and some sizes to California due to restrictions placed by department of agriculture.

Please note that the plant will be shipped in its pot, securely fastened with multiple layers of clear tape to prevent any shifting or damage during transit. This ensures that the plant arrives to you with minimal damage, safely and securely. We have been employing this method for shipping plants for several years, occasionally using smaller pots for added safety and convenience during transit. It's important to understand that many plants enter a dormant state during the fall and winter months, resulting in the loss of most leaves and appearing dry or lifeless. This is a natural process, and come springtime, they will begin to regrow and thrive once again. Please be aware that due to regulations set by the Department of Agriculture, there are certain plants and sizes that we are unable to ship to California. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Ghost Pepper Plant , Hottest Chili Pepper
Ghost Pepper Plant , Hottest Chili Pepper

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